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Analytics is all about monitoring your past data, deriving fruitful insights, and implementing them to grow and benefit the business. With our Analytics plan, we will thoroughly conduct an analysis of your business using your existing data and provide valuable solutions. Here’s what you will get with this Analytics Enterprise plan:

  • Providing Custom Solutions: Every business has its own needs and demands. We use existing business data to offer you drive meaningful solutions that will benefit your business in its specific industry.
  • Results & Analysis: Our analysis isn’t based on words but on facts derived from your data. Expect nothing less than comprehensive data analysis every time from us compiled with potential solutions.
  • AI & Modeling: Based on proper ML models, we will produce insights into your data and find the best course of action to follow for your business.
  • Feedback Implementation: We won’t take one step without your go-ahead. While providing you with our insights on your business, your feedback is highly appreciated and welcomed. Without a doubt, we will be implementing your feedback and creating a solution based on your business’s demands.
  • Service Support: Including an interactive online platform, weekly live office hours, and 24x7 support whenever you need assistance.

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Don't forget to check out the braek-down of this program down below.

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Breakdown of Analytics Program

The Analytics Program consists of 6 to 8 weeks of thorough business evaluations and results implementation called “Proof of Concept”. This enterprise program includes 5 clear phases listed below. It ensures your business has a perfect, strategic plan laid out for its success.

Here’s what you should expect during the Analytics Program from the beginning to the end:

Phase 1:

Understanding Your Business

Week #1 (No Contract Needed, FREE)

On our 1-hour introduction call with you, we will simply understand your business, your future goals, needs, priorities, KPIs, and requirements. Don't worry! You won't be paying anything for the initial assessment. A 'Statement of Work' will be drafted containing the points mentioned above and what's the best way to work with you and your business. In the end, a Contract will be signed if our initial assessment meets your needs and business criteria.

Phase 2:

Understanding the Business Data

Week #2 (Contract is Mandatory)

After signing the contract, expect to hand over reports related to all existing data to us. Our 1-hour call will explain this second step in the right direction for your business. We will assess, analyze, manipulate, and validate the data we receive. Later on, sort the existing data issues.

Phase 3:

Analytics and Modeling

Week #3-5

Now the challenging part begins. O'Fallon labs does the following for your business:

  • Data Cleaning
  • Feature Engineering
  • AI Modeling
  • Optimization (to ensure efficient performance)
  • Model Evaluation (extensive reports)
  • Phase 4:

    Communicating Results

    Week #6

    On this 1-hour call, we'll be explaining what we did with the business data and the solutions we came up with. At this point (or at any point), don't hesitate to raise your queries. This phase is critical for collecting feedback from you and moving forward with our action plan.

    Phase 5:

    Implementing Your Feedback

    Week #7-8

    A meeting with you with full reports of our work will be held. This meeting will ensure we’ve met all your business requirements and implemented your feedback. As a bonus, we will recommend the next best and most profitable steps to ensure your business generates maximum profits.


    Our Enterprise Analytics program is for small to large-scale businesses. If you’re looking forward to scaling your business or taking it to new heights, there’s nothing better than insights backed by Data Science and Machine Learning. Leverage our professional skills to the fullest and boost your business to new heights.

    Our Mission

    We help your business-related dreams come to reality. Your opinion on your business means nothing if you can’t use data to derive meaningful insights. Instead, we do that for you. Leave hard work in the hands of professionals.

    Our Plan

    An analytics plan offers an in-depth analysis of any business. We’ve built a solid roadmap that we’ll follow and include you every step of the way.

    Our Vision

    We believe every business can easily and quickly benefit from Data Science and Machine Learning. With our plan, we make it possible for you to generate profits from your business. Generating trends and patterns of your business from the past and predicting a profitable future is our vision.

    Our Care

    With 24x7 support available, you’ll never feel stranded. We not only help you with the end-to-end process but also understand your business’s background, strengths, weaknesses, and goals to help your company achieve them.

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