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“A Physicist by training and a Data Scientist by trade!” - Saeed Mirshekari.

Solving complex problems has always been my passion. Since childhood, I’ve marveled at how Physics and data work hand-in-hand. With my growing hunger and intrigue for more, I started my pre-college and college education in Tehran and graduated with B.Sc. Physics in 2005.

With my continuous success in Physics, I pursued higher education as a graduate student in Gravitation and Astrophysics at the University of Tehran. When my Master's program rolled in, I decided to work on fundamental General Relativity and defended my thesis on this topic in 2008.

Without giving my studies any gap, I started my Ph.D. program at the Washington University in St. Louis under the supervision of a Distinguished Professor of Physics “Clifford Will”. He was my inspiration and a great teacher who nurtured me throughout my Ph.D. program, and later I defended my dissertation in 2013.

As soon as I completed my Ph.D. program successfully, I was awarded a fellowship by the top Brazilian Science Funding Agency FAPESP. There, I worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the International Center for Theoretical Physics in São Paulo, Brazil, ICTP-SAIFR (2013-2015).

During this time, I also worked as a researcher in the USA-based LIGO Scientific Collaboration.

A Few of My Notable Visits to Universities as a Visiting Research Scholar:

Since then, I started my industrial career in Data Science in late 2015 and have been serving in multiple exciting roles and business sectors. I would love to share my skills and experience with other people and help their businesses grow and flourish.

Other than academia, my interests lie in:

  • Any DIY project around the house.
  • Gardening: I like growing new plants from the seed and watching them grow.
  • Hiking: Katy trail in St. Louis is one of my old favorites.
  • Chess: I enjoy playing Blitz and Live960 style.
  • Volleyball: My favorite position to play is the setter.
  • Ping Pong: I like making and receiving tough curved balls.
  • Raspberry-Pi Projects: My recent project was making a person-detector security camera.
  • My best buddy is my dog. His Name is Boujee. He is an American Staffordshire Terrier, or Amstaff in short. He has lived with us since he was 7 weeks old in March 2020.


Professional Experience

Director Data Scientist

2020 - Present

Mastercard, St. Louis, MO

Senior Data Scientist

2017 - 2020

Bayer, St. Louis, MO

Data Scientist

2015 - 2017

Aclara, St. Louis, MO

Research Scholar

2013 - 2015

LIGO / ICTP-SAIFR, São Paulo, Brazil


Doctor of Philosophy in Physics

2008 - 2013

Washington University in St. Louis, MO

Master of Science in Physics

University of Tehran, Iran

2005 - 2008

Bachelor of Science in Physics

2001 - 2005

University of Tehran, Iran


Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics


The Breakthrough Prize recognizes the world's top scientists. Each prize is \$3 million and presented in the fields of Life Sciences


What are they saying

Samaneh Tabatabaei, PhD

Project Manager

I strongly recommend his online course [Becoming Data Scientist Fast]. It gave me an absolutely amazing overview on the entire process.

Julie Heck

Business Developer

Saeed is an outstanding leader and mentor and as a student of his, I couldn't be more grateful. He is excellent at communicating the complex concepts of Machine Learning and Computational Statistics clearly and effectively to people of all skill levels.

Jonathan Townsley

Business Leader

I think what makes Saeed great is his ability to always bring a positive and uplifting outlook to any situation and he just makes people that are around him better.

Tong Liu, PhD

Principal Data Scientist

Saeed is instrumental in building data science solutions for business, while being a great communicator who is an ideal person to present data science to both technical and non-technical audiences.

Wang Xiang

Associate Data Scientist

Saeed is a great leader and I have really appreciated the opportunity to work with him. He has been my mentor during my internship. He has a very approachable personality and is willing to help at any time he can.

Tejas Hosangadi

Data Scientist

Saeed was a lead instructor for a number of classes in the summer 2019 cohort of Coder Girls. The students loved his classes and appreciated his teaching style and his approachability.

Arjitha Balaji

Data Scientist

Saeed was an incredible mentor to me throughout my internship with Bayer. It has been a great learning experience for me because of him.

Sambarta Dasgupta, PhD

Lead Data Scientist

It was really a wonderful experience to collaborate with Saeed. He possessed great expertise in the algorithms, related to the statistical analysis of large datasets.

Nicolás Bernal, PhD

University Professor

I know Saeed since 2013 [as former colleague]. He is very enthusiastic about his work and always builds a positive, exciting environment around himself and as a center brings all the team members together.

Christofer Schlosberg, PhD

Lead Data Scientist

Saeed possess the rare combination of people skills and technical ability, and I'm delighted to have worked with him.

Baxter Eaves, PhD

Founder & CEO

The thing I like about Saeed is that he asks questions; he doesn’t pretend to know things he doesn’t. As a result, he uses the people around him well and learns very quickly.

Tai Seung Jang, PhD

Senior Data Scientist

Saeed's ability to tackle the complex problems was outstanding and made a significant contribution to the team and the organization.

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