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With our Mentoring program, you won’t have to waste your time preparing for your next career move. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a professional looking for a breakthrough in your first job or the next one in Data Science or Machine Learning; we’ll help you get it. The unique features offered in this program are:

  • Weekly 1-on-1 Meetings: Getting started has been made easier for you with weekly 1-on-1 meetings. These 60-minute calls will allow us to bond while you receive an overview of what you can expect from this mentorship program.
  • Job Oriented: Unlike many other programs, our main focus is preparing you with what you need for the job you want, not teaching you everything you don't need!
  • Iterative Approach. We get you through our road map loop consisting of two iterations (Technical Skills and Job Hunting). We will get you through it as fast as possible to identify the gaps and prepare you for the job interview.
  • Resume Review/Writing: We’ll review your current resume and provide feedback to enhance it or create one together from scratch.
  • Full Support: You will gain access to 24x7 1-on-1 communication channels for unlimited text messages responded within 24 business hours.
  • Affordable Cost: Unlike many other programs, with our program you will receive 1-on-1 premium services without breaking your bank.

Find out more details about our Mentoring Program and the 3 stages in it below. Please contact me if you still have any questions.

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Saeed Mirshekari, PhD

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Breakdown of Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program consists of 3 main phases during which you receive premium 1-on-1 services tailored for you, your needs and goals. Below you can find more details in each step along the way in Mentoring Program.

Here’s what you should expect during the Mentoring Program from the beginning to the end:

Phase 1:

Mutual Understanding

My goal in this phase is identifying your main needs and priorities.

This phase normally takes 1-2 weeks to complete.

In order to understand your current situation, constrains, needs, timelines, future goals and expectations, we will take the following steps in order:

  • 60 minutes introduction 1-on-1 call (FREE)
  • Sharing & filling out a comprehensive self assessment (FREE)
  • Reviewing your assessment, your resume and all your relevant past projects
  • Drafting a customized plan for you with clear goals and timelines
  • Discussing your feedback and any adjustment of the plan
  • Finalizing all the logistics and go to work!
  • Phase 2:

    Working Together

    My goal in this phase is providing as much help as I can to support you exceed your goals faster.

    The length of this phase may vary a lot from 1 to several months. We will move with your pace. If you need to spend more focus time and doing deep work, we will go slow and if you want us to move fast, we will do so.

    During this phase you will receive all or some of the following services depending on what's the best for you:

  • Weekly 1-on-1 to talk about: your progress, your questions, and the next steps
  • 24/7 support via direct messaging access in private text channels
  • Improving your thechnical skills by supporting Course/Project/Study Learning
  • Improving your career skills by resume-review/job-interview/search-strategy
  • Phase 3:

    Evaluating Results

    My goal in this phase is to make sure you are happy with the results and achievments.

    This phase normally takes 1-2 weeks. During this period we take the following steps:

  • Sharing and filling out a self-assesment about the progress and the results
  • Reviewing the assessment and discuss whatever needs to be discussed
  • Identifying any gaps or missing targets and addressing them clearly
  • Exchange feedback and closing the program
  • Hear What Our Recent Clients Have to Say

    Noman W.


    Saeed is very approachable and excellent at coaching and mentoring, always ready to listen, provide recommendations and support whenever needed.

    Elena E.


    Saeed helps me to pivot my career into data analytics. As someone with no technical/math background, I had concerns that I wasn't prepared enough, and Saeed helps me overcome my fears.

    Marwah F.


    Saeed helped me a lot with a real project and that helped me a lot with my job and he was always there answering my tons of questions clarifying thanks for me clearly.. thanks Saeed

    Shailendra B.


    Saeed is a great listener and first listen to what the mentee is looking for and then nudge him towards his goal. I am really enjoying my time with him.

    Ashley M.


    I was so fascinated with collecting and manipulating data but had never done it on a large scale. Programming and mathematics weren’t what I studied in college. But this mentoring program, from start to end, has made me a literary expert, and I can confidently say I’m on the right path. I even scored a few Data Science interviews!

    Adam W.


    My only thought from the start of my career was why I wasn’t being called back for job interviews whenever I sent in my resume? Tired and hopeless, I almost gave up until I found O’Fallon Labs. They gave me a professional opinion on my resume and fixed the errors. I’m delighted with the direction they provided me with.

    John M.


    Coming from a different academic background, I didn’t know I could learn such an important skill or their full support, active learning mat a cheap rate. But I’m so glad I found O’Fallon Labs and took their Mentoring program. I’m grateful for the lecture notes, and assignments and quizzes. Hoping for the best in my future now!

    Beth W.


    I had some questions about what was in front of me in the field of data science and I was also hoping to get a review of my resume.

    [Through this 1-on-1 session] I gained some clarity in the career aspect of data science and got some suggestions to improve my resume.

    Alberto J. B. A.


    I just landed an offer from a FAANG company, which is great. Your resume review session definitely helped a lot.

    Anna R.


    [I needed help to] ehance the model accuracy score.

    [This 1-on-1 session] directed me to what I should focuse on.

    Naveen P.


    [I needed help to get] feedback on my resume.

    [This 1-on-1 session] helped me reshaping my resume in a better way.

    Sarah G.


    [I needed help on my] project portfolio planning.

    [This 1-on-1 session] gave a more clear direction of what I need to do.

    Larenda A.


    I was looking to understand what a person needs to excel in Data Science career.

    An advice from a very senior & experienced person can create huge impact, and that's what happened in our session. I understood how I can differentiate work in different sectors & try to get good hands on every sector. Also, all the recommendations & feedbacks given by you are really helpful.

    Sid K.


    [I needed help for] an unbiased opinion about my resume, and an assessment on improvement points.

    [Through this 1-on-1 session] I got really good insights that helped me reshape my resume.

    Priya E.


    I was looking for some general advice and guidance about entering the data science industry. Hopefully some tips and guidance.

    This session has really transformed my whole approach to learning data science. Prior to this meeting, I was unsure of how to structure my learning path. I was destined to fall into all the novice traps, that were discussed during our meeting. Now, I feel enlighted and confident in what I have to do. I am sure I would have been doomed to failure without this meeting. Thank you so much for your time, it has made so much difference to my approach. I am extremely grateful.

    General Information


    Live 1:1 + 24x7 Q&A

    Career Field

    Data Science


    from 1 month


    BDSF Topics


    This mentoring program is designed to help (1) the beginners, enthusiasts, and non-experts in this field who are are trying to land on their first data science job and (2) those professionals in other fields who want to start a career in this growing job market.

    Our Mission

    We help you to become a Data Scientist fast. The global demand for new Data Scientists in industry is up on the roof and we are committed to help closing this gap by training more Data Scientists from all backgrounds.

    Our Plan

    We have a tested, customized, iterative road-map in place. We start with an 1-hour introduction call to fully understand your objectives and backgrounds. Then we identify your top priorities and make a customized mentoring plan for you.

    Our Vision

    Everybody can be a Data Scientist. During this program, we identify and cover the gaps in your skill-set. The more you know in advance, the faster you will make progress. We take an iterative approach to identify/cover the gaps.

    Our Care

    We have your back 24x7. We not only help you through different stages of the roadmap, but also offer unlimited Q&A responded within 24 hours and up to 4 live video calls per month to discuss your progress and the next steps.

    Available Services

    Course-Base Learning

    Project-Base Learning

    Self-Study Learning

    Strategy & Positioning

    Resume Review

    Resume Writing

    Job Interview Tips

    Ask-me-anything Session

    Mock Job Interview

    Code Review

    Hearing Session

    Providing Feedback

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