By Srushti Pargat

Jun 5, 2022

What can Immigrants with Higher Education expect from the US Data Science Job Market?

Data has become the most critical form of asset for all types of business entities globally. No wonder we are witnessing an exponential boom in the data science industry. As per the Grand View Research report, the global data science platform market shall proliferate at a CAGR of 26.9 percent between 2020 to 2027.

The sky's the limit when one considers the scope of opportunities for any data science job seeker, even if he or she is new to the industry. The US job market is particularly welcoming to talented machine learning and data science professionals with open arms to mitigate their operational demands. Furthermore, the data scientist profession stands second in the 2021 list of best jobs in the United States, as per Glassdoor.

Many overseas job seekers are looking for a career chance in the data science domain. If transitioning to data science and thriving with a high-paying salary is your aim, you need to acquaint yourself with the essential industry insights.

As a data science mentor, I realize the turmoil overseas aspirants might undergo to land their dream data science job position. I bring to the table some eye-opening details regarding the US data science job market, along with some words of wisdom for immigrants hoping to prosper in the field.

Interesting facts about the current data science job market in the US

Popular job titles in the data science field in the US

Here we have some in demand job positions in the data science domain that are prevalent in the American job market.

  • Data scientist/analyst
  • Data engineer
  • Big data developer
  • Machine learning scientist/engineer
  • Database administrator
  • Data architect
  • Business intelligence developer

Type of employment 

84 percent of the data scientists are full-time employees, while the residual 16 percent hold part-time positions.


As per the figures for 2019-2020, the mean salary figure for data science professionals in the US is around $87,000, much better than the national average. Salaries usually begin at $67,000 and can move as high as $180,000. The average hourly wage rate is $35 as of the start of 2022.

Gender categorization 

In the United States, about 62 percent of the total data science professionals are males, and the remaining 38 percent constitute females.

Prominent age groups

The average age of the data scientists population in the US is 40 years. Research suggests that about 41 percent of data science job holders are aged above 40. On the other hand, 24 percent of the data scientists lie in the 20-30 years age group, and the rest 36 percent in the age group of 30-40.

Ethnicity mix 

A notable survey presents the following facts about the ethnic composition of the US data science job market. 45 percent of the overall data scientists are White. South and East Asians hold about 37 percent of the data science jobs. About 7 percent of the US data scientists are Hispanics or Latin. African Americans and Arabs constitute 3 percent and 1 percent of the total data science jobholders.

Industry-wise composition of employers hiring data scientists

Fortune 500 companies in the US offer 22 percent of the total jobs for data scientists. Technology ventures and start-ups engage about 19 percent and 10 percent of data science professionals. At the same time, other industries like finance, manufacturing, pharma, insurance, construction, and retail make up for the remaining data science job positions.

Prominent locations for data scientists in the US

The states of California, Washington, Illinois, and New York are the hotbeds of the country's data science job market, presenting the maximum number of opportunities.

Scope for immigrants

The US is rightly termed as the land of immigrants. The immigrant populace has contributed copiously to the country's development. The above facts and figures regarding the American data science job market testify to the significant career possibilities it offers. According to a McKinsey report, there will be a shortage of around 190,000 people in the US data science industry by 2028. Hence, companies continue to explore the possibilities of hiring from overseas.

Any jobseeker from a foreign land wanting to set sail to the country of dreams and fulfill his data science ambitions must have the needed skills and attitude. Even if you are new to data science, you can avail yourself of online courses and mentoring to navigate your way. There are ample opportunities for graduates, postgraduates, and doctorates in the industry. Individuals new to data science can choose to enroll in various University courses or STEM programs in the US.

The ideal skill set for a data science professional

  • Acquaintance with neural networks and machine learning
  • Knowledge of Applied Mathematics
  • Creative thinking abilities and industry knowledge
  • Know-how of required programming languages and databases

Troubles US immigrant job seekers with high educational qualifications might have to tackle to get their first job in data science.

Availability of reliable guidance

Being new to the job market in the US comes with a fair share of challenges, even if you hold the required qualification. You need to make suitable applications and prepare for the job interview and manage the visa requirements. Many entities might claim to help you in the preparation and job application process. However, the actual result-driven data science job support is available to a select few.

Finding the right job profile

Choosing the apt job profile from the vast subdomains of data science can seem perplexing for many professionals, especially with their first job. You might have to go for hits and trials to find your fit.

Outlandish job requirements

The job requisites that many companies put forth in their descriptions tend to be quite ambiguous. Recruiters sometimes fail to communicate the actual requirements, placing many aspiring job seekers in a fix.

Bridge the gap: Find the best opportunities in data science

Choose trustable mentoring programs.

As somebody new to the data science industry in the US, you can put your faith in reputed and experienced data science mentors. The mentoring programs offer A to Z support regarding various facades of the country's data science career options. You can know your place in the competition and work to enhance your skills with adequate guidance.

Join comprehensive online courses

Even if you possess the required degree to enter the data science field, you might need to brush up on your know-how and skills from time to time. The data science realm is transforming by the day, and you need to keep pace with the transformation. Various online courses on specific topics related to data science can prove rewarding.

Bottom Line

The data science tech industry in the US holds tremendous potential for the deserving candidates. However, for overseas job seekers things may seem challenging at the start. The immigration process coupled with preparing for job interviews is not a piece of cake. You may find things overwhelming to manage. Thus, immigrants wanting to become a part of the American data science sector should consider going for counseling and mentoring under leading industry experts. They shall suggest the right online courses and also help you find conducive employment prospects. Put in the needed efforts in the right direction with the appropriate mentor. Discover eminent data science punditsonline and choose the ones ready to be your partner in your job searching endeavor.

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