By Saeed Mirshekari

Jun 3, 2023

[The cover photo is my view of Busch Stadium at a Cardinals' game]

Once upon a time, fourteen years ago, I embarked on an exciting adventure in the vibrant city of St. Louis. It all began with a promising opportunity to pursue a PhD in physics at Washington University, which brought me to this captivating city nestled along the Mississippi River.

As I delved into the world of academia, I discovered the intellectual richness and collaborative spirit that St. Louis had to offer. The halls of Washington University became my second home, where I engaged in groundbreaking research, fueled by the brilliant minds around me. It was a transformative period that laid the foundation for my future endeavors.

Upon completing my PhD, I ventured into the professional landscape of St. Louis, eager to apply my knowledge and skills across various industries. I found myself diving into the fascinating realm of smart grid technology, revolutionizing the way energy was managed and distributed. Working alongside innovative teams, we tackled the challenges of a rapidly evolving energy landscape, aiming to build a sustainable and efficient future.

But my journey did not stop there. Driven by curiosity and a thirst for new experiences, I transitioned into the realm of modern agriculture. St. Louis, with its deep agricultural roots, provided an ideal backdrop for me to explore cutting-edge techniques and technologies that were transforming the industry. From precision farming to data-driven decision-making, I witnessed firsthand how innovation was reshaping the agricultural landscape, empowering farmers to meet the growing demands of a changing world.

Driven by a passion for learning and embracing new challenges, I found myself immersed in yet another industry: finance. St. Louis, with its thriving financial district and a bustling entrepreneurial ecosystem, offered a platform for me to contribute my analytical expertise. I dove into the world of investment analysis, capital markets, and risk management, constantly adapting to the dynamic nature of the financial landscape.

Alongside my professional journey, I cultivated a deep love and appreciation for the beauty and culture that St. Louis had to offer. I celebrated a milestone last year when I stood proudly in front of the Old Courthouse and took the oath of citizenship, officially becoming a part of this vibrant community. With a newfound sense of belonging, I embraced the city's countless treasures.

From strolling through the lush pathways of Forest Park to immersing myself in the artistic masterpieces at the Art Museum, the beauty of St. Louis captivated me. The Zoo became my sanctuary, where I reveled in the wonders of the animal kingdom. Art Hill, with its majestic setting, provided a haven for reflection and inspiration. The History Museum and Science Museum fueled my curiosity, offering glimpses into the past and future alike. And the City Museum, an eclectic playground of creativity, continually amazed me with its unconventional charm.

And of course, indulging in the local culinary delights became an integral part of my St. Louis experience. From the iconic frozen custard at Ted Drewes to savoring mouthwatering barbecue at Pappy's, the city's culinary offerings never failed to delight my taste buds.

With my sister in town May 2023

As I reflect upon the past fourteen years, I am grateful for the incredible opportunities, diverse experiences, and warm community that St. Louis has provided me. It has been a journey filled with growth, exploration, and countless memorable moments. St. Louis has become more than just a city; it is my home—a place where dreams were realized, friendships were forged, and a sense of belonging was found.

And as I continue to embrace all that St. Louis has to offer, I eagerly anticipate the next chapter of my adventure, knowing that this remarkable city will continue to inspire and nurture my passions.

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