By Fatima Haroon

Nov 27, 2022

Web users generate more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. Job roles in data science require manipulation and visualization of this data to make informed business strategies, allowing businesses to achieve explosive growth that previously they only dreamt of.

Data scientists are scarce, and getting into this field at this time is the perfect opportunity to grow your skillset and successfully transition from one career to another. If you are one of the lucky ones who have taken full advantage of this situation and scored a data science job, you would know it isn’t easy to work in a professional environment.

At O’Fallon Labs, people come to us with queries, including their struggle during the first few data science projects on their first job. Some of you may be thinking,

“I’m the only data scientist in the company, struggling to complete my first project. What should I do?”

“Am I in the right company? Is Data Science really for me?

“What should I do to ace my first real project and this data science role? And what should I focus on?”

All these are common problems because transitioning from a data science program or degree to a professional setup is quite different. These problems are easily solvable. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Focus On Your Personal Development

The importance of data science in business CANNOT be undermined. You will work with data for most of your day as a data scientist. Keeping up with the latest trends in the data science industry is one of your ‘unmentioned’ job responsibilities.

There’s always something new and trending in the market that you must learn and adapt to stay ahead of the competition. Plus, there will always be ways available online to solve your project queries.

As a fresh professional, you shouldn’t waste time reinventing already-invented solutions. If another professional has shown you how to solve your problem, learn it. Remember, the path to learning and self-polishing never stops.

To become one of the best in your field, you must keep learning and implementing new concepts to gain effective results.

2. Learn From Your Peers

Of course, as the only data scientist in the company, you won’t be able to sit down and conversate with another data scientist. However, online forums, discussion boards, newsletters, local meetup groups, and blogs are some of the best ways to learn from your peers.

Remember, learning is the process of receiving knowledge from and providing knowledge to others. Take this complex project as the perfect opportunity to highlight your expertise. Show your company why you were and are the best data scientist they could wish for.

Take the lead on these difficult projects to make a strong position in the company. This way, you will build trust and reputation over time. Your success only requires consistency and informed decisions when things get bumpy.

3. Don’t Panic When Pressure Hits

Your first few projects can be overwhelming for different reasons. Maybe it’s because of the pressure to prove yourself or your company’s reputation, and success depends on this specific project’s results.

Just remember that panicking won’t do anything good for you. Try to understand and jot down the reasons for these problems. Find viable solutions as well. Never make instant decisions. Give yourself the time to find the right solutions to simplify and eliminate the problems.

Let your managers know what results to expect and the time required to achieve those results. Keep them frequently updated on the progress to manage their expectations of you. And if you need help, ask for it. Seeking a qualified mentor is a great choice.

4. Seek A Mentor

Mentors are field experts who have already been there and done all that you need help with. Professional mentors can become the turning point for your career. Chances are, they might know exactly how to solve your current problems.

Instead of writing down the solution as it is for you, they’ll teach you and guide you to achieve the desired results. This way, you will seek professional help by learning and adapting - they’ll simplify the path for you to reach THAT level that your professional growth requires.

They’ll stick by your side every step - whether difficult or easy! Plus, your data science training and polishing will never get boring or end by having a qualified mentor on your side, as a mentor always has something new and valuable to teach.

What To Do When Things Get Boring?

You won’t be hit with new problems every day. When things on your daily job feel normal, it’s the best time to start experimenting. Take previous case studies and solve them. Find new solutions for them!

This is the best way to challenge yourself daily. Don’t forget to communicate and socialize with other employees to build connections and network. Stay focused on your goals and personal development.

The same goes for when things start to feel boring on your job. Don’t stay within that comfort bubble. Step out of the box to seek new opportunities. Let your managers know that you’re ready to take on new opportunities.

New experiences, a better skillset, and proving your worth should be your end goal.


Your career’s first job is never easy. It always highlights new strengths and weaknesses you might have. Overcoming them may seem impossible, but it’s not! Never give up on yourself, and keep learning and finding new opportunities to prove your worth and improve your skillset.

If you have just stepped foot in the data science world, learning data science and finding the best data science courses can be challenging without proper guidance.

At O’Fallon Labs, we provide one-to-one training under one of the best data scientist mentors, Saeed MirShekari’s guidance. Check out our free data science course online to learn about the big picture of the field of data science and some hands-on experiences on the main topics in Machine Learning and Python Programming.

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